Trainer Resources – 24 Team Building Exercises and Games – video

1. 3 physical exercises to get the team moving and deciding – With thanks to the Vancouver Canucks for their Team Building Day video on YouTube. These games takes up some space, require preparation and a dynamic facilitator to ensure good group energy levels to experience a rewarding team building benefit;

Help build your team spirit

Help build your team spirit

Great version of the “Minefield” exercise with aluminium pie cases and opaque goggles and instructors directing from the side.

The Water bucket challenge – keeping up a bucket of water using the feet of a team in trainers and socks. Then, one person at a time removes their trainers and socks whilst everybody keeps the bucket in place.

Team skiing – This takes woodshop resources to drill out holes in 4 “skis” and attach ropes. The ideas is that 4 or 5 team players “ski” in formation along an obstacle course – watch out for the turn around and see the difference in pace between the beginning and the end of the exercise.

  1. Check your liability insurance!

Thanks to Joe Donahue for filming and posting these. My favourites are the Caterpillar traverse, Channels, Problem gas challenge, and the Hoop pass (simple and effective – this is a good version.)

  1. – And, finally, a wonderful fun team building / icebreaker exerciseKnee tag

This needs to be played by consenting and mobile executives!

Thanks to Mark Collard at Playmeo for filming and posting this lively game on YouTube.


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