Are you a trainer suffering from Marketing and Social Media GUILT – “Should’a, Would’a, Could’a done more…”? By Matthew Hill

“My Social Media To Do List is longer than my Shopping list”

Let me start by giving you all a guilt amnesty!

Your list of “If only I had done X, Y and Z for sales, marketing, branding and my identity statement I would be soooooo far ahead NOW”

Young businessman holding his jacket with arms spread widely as

“I am free of my To Do List!”

Don’t worry about it. (In fact you are possibly a lot further ahead than you think.)

Like eating 5 portions of fruit and vegetable a day to live longer and feel better, as British doctors tell us, we focus on our consumption of burgers and cocktails and feel bad about our health.

Like an tough athletics coach, the social media and marketing gurus, berate us and say that we should have a laundry list of media assets assembled by now;

A fully developed personal identity statement, a robust and effective elevator pitch, a purposeful brand complete with logo and quirky business cards that make a visual impact, a sales pitch that differentiates you by distinguishing your Unique Selling Proposition, a warehouse full of collateral, a “product4prospects”, blog posts, other word-based assets as well as a website, a blog site, a newsletter, 1000 + connections on LinkedIn, 3000 friends on Facebook (and your own company page), 10,000 followers on Twitter and a Klout score of 75.

Take a breather.

You are probably exhausted from just reading through this list. And, this mountain of work must compete with your dog, your kids, your partner, meaningful gym exercise, weekly and fill-in shopping, cooking, cleaning, sleeping, washing AND satisfying your box set addiction for Game of Thrones.

You look at hyperactive web present people with their newsletters, coordinated and witty posts and a unique monthly webinar, and see them as super humans who must employ an army of outsourced cheap labour to achieve that level of activity, penetration and fame.

Pile it on

And there are other more subtle traps that get in the way too. What about cultural modesty, parental messages about, “not showing off”, an inability to ever work more than 168 hours a week, and competing training and coaching priorities that seem necessary to pay for rent and food and keeping clothes on your back (let alone luxuries like a second holiday or a new car).

As you chase multiple and discounted training days, you feel that you will never be fresh enough or inventive enough to be able to generate 10 witty and intelligent blog posts with which to launch an incisive marketing campaign that will get you in front of the better paying customers. Sometimes the only friend who seems to understand you is a large glass of cabernet sauvignon on Friday evening.

But all is not lost

Help is at hand!

You have many more assets than you think. You have more time than you appreciate. You have completed many more of the hard yards necessary to build your professional profile than you imagine at the moment. And, there are many shortcuts that you can take to complete the process.

Cindy Gallop, a busy and successful advertising executive with a phenomenal web presence, recommends taking micro-actions – multiple small steps that, when added together, lead to a wave of growth and development. Alone, they are instantly achievable. They take next to no time. You already know the content and answers, and have a quality piece of collateral to plug-in to clever social media boxes and allow you, little by little, to climb the Himalayan mountain to the achieve the summit of social media credibility.

  1. Repurpose what you already have

I’ve never met a trainer or coach who doesn’t have a personal profile paragraph ready to e-mail to a customer. I’ve never met a credible interculturalist who does not have a decent CV that is ready to convert into a powerful introductory purpose statement. I’ve never met a reasonably advanced trainer who could not quickly convert the raw materials found on someone else’s worksheet into an invaluable work tool.

  1. Paint by numbers

At a dinner party you are asked what do you do? Do you freeze, hesitate and then give them your boring job title?

Is this followed by a glazed look in their eyes?

With a 5 question template about branding, in 15 minutes we can upgrade your answer to something that moves people emotionally, encourages them to like you and engage, and sparks a stimulating debate based the meaning you provide to your tribe.

  1. Rich people and poor people seem to use 24 hours differently

If we take the legendary Stephen Covey’s advice and deliberately contain the urgent in order to tackle the strategic and important, we can win back a sense of control over the disappearing seconds, minutes and hours of our life. It requires discipline but only takes one decision. You can carve out your own 45 minutes golden zone every day if you choose. This is the first step to reclaiming control of your day, your week, your month and your year.

  1. You are much further along than you think

The truth is, people create a mental blank space where there should be flowing answers to identity, brand, marketing and sales questions. They already know the answers. They just call them something different. When I work with trainers and coaches, and gently ease them into marketing terminology, it is remarkable how quickly they fill in the blanks with the strong answers they were calling something else up until that moment.

  1. “I can’t sell” is not true

If that statement were true you would not know anybody, have experienced one day’s paid employment or extracted yourself from the icy grip of a door-to-door sales person. You are unconsciously competent in selling and influencing. It is the job of a facilitator or coach not to teach you about selling, but to uncover the vast experience and power that you already have.

Beautiful woman reading

” I CAN sell!”

  1. “I don’t know what a brand is”

Yes you do – you understand that it is a consistent message conveyed in words, pictures, service and technical delivery that can be relied upon. It means something to you, for you and it means something to the tribe that you have created. You are part of 200+ brand tribes and you don’t even know it.

  1. HOMEWORK – Wake up your conscious to your buying decisions. This simple act will remind you of what a brand is. Then reflect upon some amazingly empowering questions. What is the question that has YOU as the answer? What tribe have you already created? Which students like you and follow you? And why? Etc.

Join us to be liberated from your marketing and social media guilt and discover the words to be true – “You are further along than you thought.”

For more ideas on how to establish and grow your Independent Trainer Business please join us for the Consultative Selling webinar on 24th August 2016, 12 noon London time, 13.00 Paris time. Register now at;




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