Independent Trainer Mini Series – What does your BRAND say about you? Blog post 3 by Matthew Hill

Who owns your BRAND?

It may seem bizarre but you do NOT own your brand or your reputation. Some would say that your customers define it, amplify their perceptions of it and lead the way in making it worth something or making it seem worthless.

Branding concept

What do I want my customers to say about me?

Once you’ve had a sip of water and a lie down to absorb these scary facts, let us move on.

What do Brand quality levels sounds like?

No Brand – “Her name isn’t ringing any bells”, “Never heard of them.”

Negative Brand reputation – “Ooh dear, You might want to avoid them – I’ve heard some quite strange things about their training courses.”

OK Brand – “Yes, X is a good solid trainer with nice energy levels and consistent results.”

But let us not stop there – What is the GOLD standard?

Great Brand – “Hire them! Do as they say and pay them what they ask!”

What are the elements that will make your brand stand out from the crowd?

  1. Consistency – one of the things our brains are trained to spot is change, inconsistency and differences over time. If you can do something well and repeat it, that alone will cement relationships and build your name.
  2. Promise – What do you deliver and how do you deliver it? Do you have technical knowledge and experience to share? Are you creative in the classroom? Do you train with energy, humour or movement? Can you handle the tricky participant whilst keeping a cool head? You can turn these positives into brand pillars and make benefit statements that have an impact by articulating your many strengths.
  3. Personality – Linked to 2. Your Character is key to building a brand worth noticing. What are your best personal aspects? Are you ethical, kind, effective in a crisis, patient, dynamic in the classroom? What aspects can you capitalize on and make a feature of your offering?
  4. Philosophy – Many buyers of services like yours want to dig deeper and find out what you stand for. Remember – you very much represent them when you are training their people. They do not want to see excess cynicism, vulgar humour or training room short cuts.The Great Greek Scientists Socrates and Plato

They expect honourable values, ethics and integrity and a trainer that knows their own mind and has their own moral code.

  1. Look and Feel – As Tim Sanders reminds us, “Business is a series of beauty contests.” What feature will you make the most of? Is it your bright red hair? Your smile, or your accent? You need to be remembered for something and take ownership of that thing.
  2. Social Proof – As Robert Cialdini reminds us – external evidence is the key to influence – Do you have a healthy company list and deal sheet? Have you extracted testimonials AND have permission to use them? Do you have your plaudits visibly displayed and have you overcome your cultural modesty so that you can show your medals of honour with pride?


  1. Start collecting your personal training success stories and get permission to use them from the people involved.
  2. Create new success stories – see upcoming blog post 11. About improving your Core Delivery.
  3. Establish the collection of referrals as a normal part of your training process – See blog post 12.


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tram on narrow street of Alfama, Lisbon

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