Independent Trainer Mini Series – Social Media is the only way to grow (Globally) Blog Post 6 by Matthew Hill

The Secret to building an International Trainer Business

Your “inter-web” journey starts with your first post. There is a famous ratio operating in the web-o-sphere 89:10:1

Netzwerk - Social Media - Der Mensch im Zentrum 89:10:1

*89% – The people who sit or walk consuming videos and words for their own amusement – They are not YOU and they are NOT your customers.

*10% – The more dynamic part of the connected world of users who interact and respond to social media invitations and output – These are your CUSTOMERS.

*1% – The S-heroes and heroes who delight us with their wisdom, value and life story – The people who make the web human, relevant and local. The people we wish to join, connect with, relate to and learn from. This tiny section of the world is YYYOOUUU.

What is a Long Post?

Gone are the days when a website alone generated meaningful business.

Now you have to give value and keep a PRESENCE on the web to be significant. The best way to do this is to convert up to 70% of your knowledge and experience into a form that is accessible and probably free of charge to your audience of potential customers.

What 70%!?

Yes – you have to compete with the noise of the web and all the ridiculous offers, untruths and exaggeration that are going on in the background. What will break through the chatter and the distraction are real knowledge, real wisdom and real help. If you can help your potential customer with the straight forward stuff, some of them may come back and ask for your stretch (and profitable) material.


We keep publishing material with some overlap of message because that is the way our customers learn and that is what moves them to action. That is true for the shopping channel and it is true for you as well.

Take it off line

Once you have grabbed their attention passively with a post or two it is time to get them to take a little action – My favourite web warmer is the monthly Webinar – Holding something regular means you always have something to invite people to.

Ironically the web based interactive broadcast generates excitement and participation that I then take care of OFF LINE.

uomo in ufficio con smartohone “I just called…”

Calling for a Chat

Whilst the cold call or the call centre interruption is an illegal disaster, the warm and helpful call from a known and respected you or me works its magic on the ears and hearts of our prospect customer. Interacting with them on the phone makes our relationship real and makes your future web interactions special. We LOVE warm web interactions.

Two Vast Blue Worlds

At our Independent Trainer Bootcamp, of the most frequent questions is, “How will my customer find me on the web?” Think of two enormous blue spheres – one is full of trainer providers just like you and the other is full of 10 times as many potential paying customers. What a mess – How will you ever compete with your fellow providers? How will you ever connect with all those prospects? The answer is – with a joined up social media campaign that attracts the attention of just your “tribe”, with you writing solutions and ideas that relate to their pain, needs and desires and by you doing so in their language, using their preferred channel at a time of their choosing. Winning examples include LinkedIn Groups, Facebook Groups, Twitter # hash tagged tweets that hit the spot and well tagged posts on a blog site that attract new and interesting viewers.

It is the magic of search that connects them to you.

Social Proof

This summer a lovely guy, Nick, purchased a ticket for our first Independent Trainer Consultative Selling Bootcamp in Amsterdam. He lived in Vietnam and he had never heard of us. On the strength of our social media presence and a 15 minutes call he got on a plane to Europe and joined in the fun. That is the power of social media to connect your customers with YOU.

BUT – “I haven’t got anything to say in a web post”

OK – Here is a test for the nervous – when you have finished reading this post, get a piece of paper and just write from the heart about the business that you know best. Only one rule – Don’t stop – vomit on the page. Fill up the page.

If you still haven’t found a topic that you are passionate about, having filled a whole page then call me on +44 7540 65 9995 and, in less than 15 minutes I will tell you what both your passion and purpose are. How does that sound?

AND – “I don’t have the time to create endless content and place it all over the web”

Good point. Don’t. Record a 2-minute audio Podcast. Publish it on Ipadio. Next. Take the same content and elongate it into a 250 word post and set up a WordPress blog site and publish it there. Next. Get your smart phone and a stand and record yourself talking about that topic on camera. Open a YouTube account and create a channel – upload it as your first film. Next. Read other people’s posts on your chosen topic and reflect for a while and then expand this topic to a chapter for a book (just 29 more chapters to go…). Next. Create 10 exercises that will really help people understand your topic and be moved by it personally – This is called a training day. Next. When you have run the training a few times and debated with people to experience their blockages, create a 15 minute Key Note Speech that will blow the minds of any audience of 5 or 500 people. Next. Take all of the content you have created so far and create an on-line course that can be offered to your most loyal customers. And. What do you know – You are web PRESENT. Well done you.

Old style microphone at speakers background

To record a good podcast takes less than an hour


For more ideas on how establish and grow your Independent Trainer Business we invite you to join us for the Independent Trainer Consultative Selling Webinar 3 – GOING FOR GROWTH, on 5th October 2016, 6PM London time, 7PM Paris time. Register now at; 

Lisbon cityscape - traditional architecture, Alfama district, Lisbon, Portugal.

Join us for the webinar.




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