Consultative Selling and Marketing for Independent Trainers – Webinar, Wednesday, 7th September, 1PM London time, 2PM, Paris time.

What is your professional Trainer Identity?

(And how can defining one help you grow your independent training business?)

Business people and puzzle

There are 13 pieces to the puzzle (see below.)

In this interactive and high energy on line seminar we will outline the 13 Step Blue Print that is essential for all independent trainers to follow in order to find their identity, build a relevant BRAND, connect with the ideal customer, over-deliver in your training to secure repeat business, master social media and grow, grow grow.

Who needs to attend?

*Are you a dynamic independent trainer wishing to work in the best locations with much better clients, delivering the material you LOVE?

*Are you a little blocked when it comes to getting new customers to take notice or sign a contract with you?

*Do you want customers to “get” what you offer and leap at the chance of working with you?

This Independent Trainer Consultative Selling Webinar will touch upon the 13 essential elements are of the BLUE PRINT

  1. Identity – purpose, passion and finding your “thing”
  2. Brand – reputation, and building your promise, style & delivery
  3. Ideal Customer – defining the core delegate you should be training
  4. Marketing and Channels – having people know you, like you and trust you

5, Social Media – repurposing your unique content in a sequence that creates a flow of business opportunities coming straight to your inbox and phone

  1. Database – the many ways to grow your “tribe” of fans
  2. Networking – conquering your nerves and getting a return from the room
  3. Product Creation – using today’s technology to turn your message into branded informational products
  4. Selling – discovering ethical trust based communication that sells in today’s busy corporate world
  5. Core delivery – upgrading your work to create raving fans and repeat engagements
  6. Referrals – asking your “fans” to advocate you and your work to amplify your power and business flow
  7. Growth – 7 ideas that will accelerate your turnover expansion and take you to a healthy and well deserved level of wealth, freedom and control
  8. Fully Expressed You – channeling your purpose lead content, excelling at your “right work” and working with people who enable and empower you

In this webinar we will concentrate on 1. Marketing and Social Media

Action – Join in the Webinar

Register with Gotowebinar for this f’ree on-line ITC webinar – Independent Trainer Consultative Selling & Marketing – MARKETING AND SOCIAL MEDIA –  7th September 2016, 1 PM,London time, 14.00 Paris time.  click on the link here;

Trainer Profile – Matthew Hill, Intercultural Training Channel

Senior Sales and Culture Trainer Matthew Hill

Consultative Selling Trainer – Matthew Hill

With qualifications in training, Psychology, NLP, Training quality and Communication, Matthew has worked with more than 18,500 executives in 30 countries representing more than 80 nationalities. He is a past President of SIETAR UK and has worked with such companies as Tesco, REPSOL, SAP, Vodafone, Heineken and EY. He is a senior trainer, facilitator, author, broadcaster, filmmaker and professional speaker.


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