Independent Trainers – How Can Ethical Selling Help Me Grow My Independent Trainer Business?, Blog Post 10 by Matthew Hill

Your Sales Dream

Do you ever daydream about overcoming your single biggest barrier to becoming a more successful independent trainer – your fear of selling, asking for the business and closing that deal?

The two colleagues working together at office on white background

Let’s remove the biggest barrier

Do you wish you could turn the tension of your pre-close moments into a healthy and ethical dialogue and feel completely detached from the outcome? Can you imaging the joy of having a sales “chat” and being in the moment?


When I started in sales we were cold calling on the telephone to get a legally binding commitment from business managers who were total strangers in less that 10 or 15 minutes before they sent the confirmatory telex (you will find one in your local museum of technology.)

I then developed a thinner skin and experienced the awkwardness that you may feel today.

For me, having learnt from many of today’s modern and high integrity sales trainers, I now enjoy the journey, detach from the outcome and am happy to qualify in relevant decision makers and qualify out the rest, perhaps moving on to a referral or a content partnership conversation later on in the conversation.

“Sales is Difficult” – Let’s smash this MYTH

Moving past the drama of sales as a macho competitive, “Steak dinner is for closers” mindset has been a break through for me and for the people that I coach and train.

Sales is nothing more or less that a question based conversation, staying on the “pathway of rapport”. It ends up with a match or no match. It can be ethical, funny, high energy and consensual. It is a process, a journey and a dialogue of discovery. NOTHING more.

The road line perspevtive in Autumn season

Simply stay on the pathway of rapport

Build Trust and Build Sales

As hinted at in previous posts, if you have established zero trust, your sales ceiling will be the amount of money someone would give to a homeless person. Building a picture of your values and value, matching your offer to the other person’s needs, wants and desires and packaging the offer so that is clear to the buyer – this is what matters. And establishing your business using social proof measures such as testimonials and a deal sheet – These simple methods move away from the shifty shaky ground of old sales and into the classy and above board relational and transactional modern sales era. Next stop – Comfortable sales success.

Businessman talking on cell phone and writing in office

And here is my social proof

Self Image is Important

I am a growth facilitator helping great independent trainers like you overcome their fears, fill in their marketing blank spaces and practice modern, ethical and effective verbal techniques. It is more akin to coaching clever professionals that stealing money from foolish people and old ladies.

With methods such as the pre-close (Do you remember the nervous date in the film Annie Hall when Woody Allen gets the kiss out of the way before going to the restaurant with Diane Keaton?), the 4-Sentences (surprisingly straight forward) and the BANT qualification (See the blog post on Networking.) It becomes a pure pleasure to talk to people who are either not going to buy, are going to buy or, who may have some other area of overlap that is of mutual interest and benefit.


The toughest challenge is meeting prospects that do not wish to acknowledge their lack.

Sometimes we have to raise the consciousness of our prospect to get to the point where we can begin a meaningful sales conversation.

The method for this is called, “needs development” and comes in the form of probing hypothetical questions that are future oriented. “What if you do NOT implement X? How will that work out for you in a year’s time?

What is the COST of NOT? These consulting type questions really sharpen the consciousness of the listener and open them to the reality you are prepared to help with.


Manager, “What if I train all my staff and then they leave?”

Independent Trainer wearing sales hat, “And what if you don’t train them and they all STAY?”

Value – Cost and Benefit

The greatest Independent Trainers know the value of what they provide and unashamedly charge a PREMIUM. They do this with a clear conscience because they are fully aware of the amazing short, medium and long term benefits that their ideas, solutions and training concepts will bring. They know that a £/€/$ 3,500 day can easily yield a $1,000,000 benefit for the trainees and the company within a year. Establishing VALUE in the mind of the decision maker is another key to ethically and successfully growing your independent trainer business.

Many People Hands Holding Red Word Value

Create the value and charge a premium to deliver it


For more ideas on how establish and grow your Independent Trainer Business we invite you to join us for the Independent Trainer Consultative Selling Webinar 3 – GOING FOR GROWTH, on 5th October 2016, 6PM London time, 7PM Paris time. Register now at; 

Blick auf Altstadt und Castelo de So Jorge, Lissabon / Portugal

Unique Lisbon, Portugal



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