Independent Trainers – How to Grow Your Income – Generating Incoming New Business Referrals by Matthew Hill

How to Create Dream Referrals

What if you could fill a medium sized training room with enthusiastic “volunteers” and all the excited participants had been “sent” to you by grateful past participants, peers in your field and by the companies you already train for? How much easier would your life be? And, how much more profitable would each training day become?

Office talk between coworkers

“You must get on the next course -It was the BEST!”

This is the utopian land of referrals – a magical rich space that exists for those willing to overcome their cultural reserve and…

Ask Ask Ask

The key to generating a significant number of extra training clients and capturing participants for your open courses, starts when you ask the right people to speak highly of you. Ask them to think about other organisations and people that would benefit from the training that you have just given THEM.

If you “own” the right to market to a delegate (i.e. you were not subcontracted to carry out the training), it is fine to ask them who else would benefit from such a session. When I have finished a diversity course or a negotiation skills session, I ask who would benefit from the experience that that they, the satisfied delegates have just experienced? When you open up the hearts of your class they will reward you with plenty of suggestions.

Corporate Customers

Time to put away your cultural modesty. If your customers love your trainings, their suppliers and their customers may well love it too. You just have to ask them to think and recommend you.

CLIENTS Web Buttons Set (partners contacts projects customers)


When I discuss this subject during our Independent Trainer Consultative Selling Bootcamp, the newbies often tighten up a little and reveal, after a little probing, that they see their peers as potential competitors – STEALING THEIR TRAINING DAYS.

My view is somewhat different – Everybody is a potential partner and is unique. We have FEWER competitors than we think. Let me explain – If I gave a trainer my training materials, they would not deliver MY COURSE. My course is my course. They would deliver their version coming from their experience. Unique. So, they are not my competitor. Question – Should we relax a little about competition and see our peers as a virtual network of clever people whom we can cooperate with for mutual gain?

Affiliate Arrangement

If we want to move up a level in business and training volumes there is the Affiliate route to consider. Here, you supply sophisticated marketing materials to your peers and pupils and ask them to promote you for a referral fee. That money can be at the token gesture lever or it can represent quite significant amounts of cash.


My favourite top-of-the-line referral generation occurs when you have managed to create a credible corporate bigwig as a sponsor – and they have fallen a little bit in love with you.

They will sing your praises to anyone that will listen and are always prepared to provide a glowing reference or testimonial to help you out and nudge a new customer over the line and into your lap. These are referring superstars are GOLD.

Business Mann erstaunt und berrascht isoliert in Hemd blau

Your turn

So…who do you know that loves you, loves your work and, when you ask them, will be happy to put some names of companies or individuals your way?

Remember – You only have to pick up the phone…


For more ideas on how establish and grow your Independent Trainer Business we invite you to join us for the Independent Trainer Consultative Selling Bootcamp – GOING FOR GROWTH, 17th to 19th August 2018 in the Hague, Netherlands. Contact Matthew Hill for details –


The Hague, the Netherlands

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