Cultural Competence as a Paradigm for Peace. A TEDx Talk by Anna Katrina Davey

Similar or different? Or is there another way to look at us?

There is a general tendency amongst people of good will to believe that we as human beings are more similar than different and that despite some superficial differences in the form of customs and behaviors, deep down we are all the same – human beings with the same core needs, values and desires. We find comfort in such beliefs and like to think that focusing on such assumed similarities will help us get along and ultimately foster peace.

In her recent TEDx Talk in Paris, Anna Katrina challenges such beliefs, demystifies the comforting yet misleading assumptions around universal values and offers a practical alternative.

Please enjoy the video recording of her Paris TEDx Talk:

Presenter Profile – Anna Katrina Davey

Born in Trieste, Italy, Anna Katrina Davey is a multicultural and multilingual intercultural trainer based in Austin, Texas. She is principal of Cultural Confidence, helping companies succeed in global markets by training executives and staff to work effectively across cultures – And her passion is for peace.


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