5 Ways To Get A Speaking Engagement And, 1 Way NOT To.

5 Methods for More Gigs and More Work

One of the best converters of sweat into paid work is by giving speeches to warm, cosy and qualified rooms of decision making, budget holding corporate executives fascinated by your chosen field of expertise.

Simple really

Speaker Giving a Talk at Business Meeting.

BUT – And here is the 1 way NOT to – many independent business Solo-Preneurs’ first thought is to solicit speaking opportunities directly to drive the gig requests to your inbox. The bad news is – This does not work.

You are then in the company of many and supply will definitely overwhelm demand. You will cheapen your brand, appear a little needy and garner just enough rejection to begin doubting yourself and your own credibility as a subject matter expert. Please stop reaching out for rejection and take another path… or 5.

  1. Networking with Benefits

Whilst you are cleaning up your act – Stop going to the same old mixers and networking get-togethers – the ones where you feel comfortable because Bob and Judy are there and you can have a laugh and drink cheap wine – he sells insurance and she arranges financing – They are your alibi for not meeting good people who, by the way, are probably not in the room anyway. Good people go to learning events, new events and events where they are not surrounded by service selling ambulance chasers.

Go to a funky alternative congress, a pop up event that has investors and experts or a place with new speakers on the ticket who are talking about up-to-date and business critical topics.

The opportunity

When asked, “Who are you?” – learn to say something amazing; – “I help X (your target market person / Avatar – Tech company executives) to attain Y (result / outcome – deep knowledge of effective counter measure cyber security) by supplying service Z (one core niche area of expertise – Cloud based anti malware initiatives) so that X can have A (another outcome – more and cheaper uptime) and feel B (Benefit – able to concentrate on product improvement and innovation) and get to C (add in another benefit or two – positive cash flow fast.)

When you give an amazing answer, it acts as the outline to a speech you might deliver – If they respond well to your words, they could ask you to pitch them / demonstrate your work to their team / speak at an event. You will then have converted a great networking event into a powerful speaking opportunity.

  1. A Post With A Difference

Putting the usual rehash of what people already know is not going to inspire confidence – It needs to be a cutting edge / future based message or a paired “Scare ‘em and Help ‘em” concept.

Another idea is to repurpose your best work into another medium or channel. How about turning your last post into an MP3 podcast or a Facebook Live film?

There now exist so many ways to promote your repackaged message to stand out, be fresh and generate interest in you as a person as well as you as a speaker.

  1. KTD

Have you taken a scatter-gun approach to tagging your web and social media content? – Go back and tidy up your work with Key Tag Density – aligning all your labels to be just one thing and get a huge bump on Google and YouTube searches.

When people see a high ranking for you on a Google search results page or when they search your topic on LinkedIn, you will be on the, “To call list” as someone with RARE quality and not just commoditized availability – You will not be seen as, “quick, cheap and near” but, “exclusive, of quality and worthy of a premium speaking fee.”

When you get noticed more naturally, the perception is that corporate executives have to persuade you and not just choose from a bunch of people like you.

  1. The Mini Handbook

Whilst others may be more pretension and label their lead magnet as a, “White Paper”, let us keep our feet on the ground and offer a punchy volume of value, demonstration and authenticity. With this book, you are really capturing your life and work experience in the form of focused learning and offering valuable advice via credible stories and suggested actions.

Every sentence they read from your Handbook will increase their TRUST in you and bring the chance of that next speaking invitation ever nearer.

  1. Creating a Raving Fan

If you are charismatic, clever and out there in the world (of course you are – that is why you are attracted to this piece), you will have people in your business network that are impressed enough by you and who trust enough in you to ADVOCATE you to others – Think of them as Gold Dust. Action – Revving up a Sponsor to spread the word about you is effective and fun.

In the past you will have demonstrated excellence to them through your core work. You will have solved an irritating problem for them and made their pain go away AND you will have resonated with their core values and desires. Great. Now it is time for them to spread the word about your wonderful qualities to the wider world. Asking for a testimonial is the beginning, talking about your perfect Avatar audience is another. Helping them to articulate the benefits of what you deliver will make their advocate pitch richer and optimally effective.

A raving fan is your biggest single asset in getting speaking engagements because the person asking for the speaking gig is NOT you.

So, Where will YOU start?

Senior Sales and Culture Trainer Matthew Hill

Trainer – Matthew Hill

About the Author – Matthew Hill is a trainer, author and coach working with independent trainers and coaches, helping them to get to growth and Solo-Preneurship though marketing, new selling and Brand building, whilst maintaining perspective and sanity.

Matthew is running a Going For Growth Bundle  – Check it out. Just click on the link – https://culture99.wordpress.com/going-for-growth-remote-course/ 


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