Hero Round Table – London , 12th, 13th May 2017 – Presented by Katherine Barton


New event coming to London for the first time.

Learn, be inspired, meet a wonderful community of people and hear 20+ speakers from around the world – join 500 others at the Barbican this May for London’s first Hero Round Table!

The Hero Round Table is all about inspiring and showing people how to be more heroic at work, in their community or in the world. It’s coming to the Barbican, London this May.

Maybe we need more everyday and extraordinary heroes in the world. What does ‘hero’ mean to you? How can you personally be more heroic and make a difference when it counts? Join 500 others at the Barbican this May to learn and be inspired by some amazing speakers.

What does it mean to be heroic? How can you have a positive impact on the world, especially when it counts

BREAKING NEWS – An offer for ITC READRS – Use Code CONTRIBUTION – and get CONTRIBUTION – valid until 9th May and offering 40% off 1 or 2-day tickets. 40% off 1 or 2-day tickets. Offer valid until 9th May only.

Visit the London Hero home page; http://bit.ly/2mfd3kV

Katherine Barton (Event Director, London) Katherine@heroroundtable.com



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