The Case for BRETURN – We Can Clear Up This Mess And It Won’t Take 2 Years.

An Opinion Piece by Interculturalist, Matthew Hill

Enough is enough of “Brexit means Brexit” – Red, White or Blue. Stop already.

The returning weak and wobbly Conservative and Unionist coalition is in chaos and it is their LOSS of a majority and a mandate that perfectly represents the frustration of the British people.


Breturn to normal

17 Million people voted for BREXIT in the June 2016 referendum. Some were anti immigration, some protested against London politicians (how right they were but how wrong was their method.) Many fell for the spin about Parliamentary sovereignty – They were tragically mislead – David Cameron and Theresa May have just proved that the UK Prime Minister has TOOOOO much power and that power is open to misuse. Dave called a referendum to silence his anti-European backbenchers and Theresa chose to kick an old man when he appeared to be down (Perhaps a bigger crime than running through a farmer’s wheat field.) The Labour party then turned the 2016 advisory referendum into law using the British Parliament to do so. UK politicians have more than enough power to effect change, resist change or do as they please.

54 Million People

17 million, “the people”, have been beatified and crystallised as speaking for all. If there had been a 2nd referendum a week later we their would have had a clear answer. If 16 and 17 year olds, Brits abroad and EU nationals in the UK had been allowed to vote, we would have had a clear result – REMAIN.

54 Million men, women and children did NOT vote for Brexit.

Liar Liar

If Boris Johnson had not lied about the £350 million a week that Brexit would supposedly deliver to the NHS and, “Have your cake and eat it”. If the newspapers did not feel they had to spice up criticism of European administration (which is NOT perfect) with lies about bendy bananas and imposing unwanted EU laws on the UK, we would not be in this mess.

Boris Johnson

Brexit Boris

Any decent psychiatrist would probably diagnose a patient desperate to leave a functioning 47-year relationship with an All or Nothing gamble as misguided at best and delusional at worst. If you try using May’s argument in a UK divorce court see how far you would get – “I want all of the marital assets and will not pay maintenance”. You will forfeit your house and probably end up in gaol.


Mandates, votes and democracy do not matter in the EU when it comes to the Brexit negotiations. 27 deeply concerned country leaders want the EU to continue for mutual economic gain, their own country’s security and because there is NO better alternative.

Switzerland and Norway

The sweet Swiss deal took decades to achieve, concerned a country at the heart of Europe that looks the other way when providing useful secret money laundering facilities and allows freight trains to pass through its lovely landscape. And Switzerland could not achieve physical separation or be left out even if they wanted to.

The Norway deal is not perfect either. It is criticised by many Norwegians as being expensive, limited and having too many issues.

Shrinking Britain

And the logic of Brexit itself – What will happen? – The economy will shrink – Hardworking tax contributing migrant workers will be barred from helping out in the fields, factories and hospitals of the UK where Brits do not want to do that kind of work. (Notions of Empire grandeur and superiority – our sad historic legacy and residue.)

Emmanuel Macron

Breturner – President Emmanuel Macron

French Hope

The amazing and revolutionary French President, Emmanuel Macron, is pro Europe and his phenomenal rise represents a healthy alternative to the negative politics of the rest of the world at the moment. He and Angela like Britain and want us to stay at the party and dance.

Macron yesterday offered a minimum loss of face and a healthy return to the European family for the UK. We would be nuts to pass up the opportunity. HOWEVER, if we turn him down and persist along our pathway to chaos, he will not help us by employing 10,000 more French customs officers in Calais. He will not cut us a great deal. In fact, there will be ZERO incentive for any of the 27 countries to give us ANYTHING above the minimum. Why? Because we messed up. If the lovely Macron went soft on us and rewarded our collective foolishness, he would be tempting the other 26 nations to muck about and make self-interested demands as well.

Brexit threatens Europe and the break up of Europe would not help Europe – It would help Russia, The US and China. But not Europe.

Who In The UK Does Brexit Benefit?

If Brexit continues? – The few who will make the most money from Brexit are the capital rich speculators and asset holders who thrive in chaos, uncertainty and fearful markets. The media owners have their own agenda – and their mission does not include the honest distribution of all available information to the working people of Britain.

Help Is At Hand

Michael, Lord Heseltine, hinted that a compromise on immigration from the EU could be enough to calm the British workers who feel threatened. If this can be achieved then we could be set for a beautiful period in the UK.

BRETURN – We would not suffer the economic uncertainty and shrinkage of the UK economy under Brexit – We would continue our daily business with our largest, nearest and most friendly trading partners just over the water. They will be happy to keep the EU together. We have more than enough sovereignty and power (we never lost it.) Tax revenues will stay high, nurses will start coming to the UK again and we will all feel better having slammed on the brakes (unlike Thelma and Louise) just before driving over the White Cliffs of Dover and into an unprecedented disaster triggered by English Tory arrogance and Blue-on-Blue party in-fighting.

Save Time

Just imagine Breturn for a moment. We would not have to live through 2 years of cost, uncertainty and the unpleasantness of grinding and counterproductive Brexit negotiations as 27 club members systematically line up to punish the club leaving UK on every demand we make. We could spend that time and money on the UK issues that need urgent attention and solutions. The understaffed NHS, under-resourced schools, cattle wagon transportation and the housing crisis represent a better use of our minds, money and attention.

Legacy – We Could Even Save Dave

In the longer term, with Brexit avoided, David Cameron’s record would not have to go down as being the worst PM in history for unnecessarily, recklessly (and out of self interest), triggering the Brexit fiasco. If we Breturn, he will be treated less harshly and could even be rehabilitated. And Theresa May could go back to saying that she was really a Remainer all along.

Now is the time to see contrition from the vicar’s daughter and, if she has any leadership left in her, we ask – Theresa – Lead us out of this unholy mess and let us Breturn. Let us have a U-Turn we can be proud of.

Brexit or Breturn?

Brexit or Breturn?

When you think about it – One small U shaped gesture will take away a truckload of cost, uncertainty and humiliation at the European negotiation table.

Please share if Breturning makes sense to you.



2 thoughts on “The Case for BRETURN – We Can Clear Up This Mess And It Won’t Take 2 Years.

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  2. Well thought through. I suspect that “immigration” is the biggest driver of the voices of frustrated, establishment weary underdog voters.

    I would say that 99% of people (including myself)
    actually do not know what controls on immigration
    * we already have,
    * could have under existing UK/EU law,
    * might add with a broad consensus across UK and EU.

    Maybe a follow up piece?

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