Matthew’s New Year Webinar – Getting Growth in 2017

What will you achieve in 2017?

We have 3 Questions for you – What are the Biggest barriers STOPPING you growing your trainer / coaching business this year? Where does it continue to go wrong? AND How can you get it right?

Group Of Young Business PeopleWill you grow in 2017?

These barriers block critical activity, necessary organisation and positive dynamism (we fall into the trap of doing stuff that PREVENTS rather than produces growth.)

  1. ACTIVITY– What did you do in 2016? Send your profile / CV out to known training providers, put up a basic (non optimized) LinkedIn profile and attended local chamber events with other service providers where you failed to engage with business decision makers? And what results did you get? – A new sub contract relationship that provided 7 training days? A two day training or 3 new coaching customers? AND – Was that enough growth for you?

With your energy invested in more proactive and interactive methods you will generate interest, passion and action – the phone will ring, live opportunities will land in your inbox and your business will grow – You will experience meaningful cash-flow, more hour’s and day’s work, a boost in your charge out rates and the choice to take or decline work, along with the self-confidence and business freedom that comes with knowing how to market and sell yourself effectively and comfortably.

  1. ORGANISATION – How was 2016? You added 74 connections on LinkedIn, collected 47 business cards and put them in your desk draw and found the physical address of 9 companies. – Did this provide the momentum you needed for your dynamic business growth in 2017?

When you know what to do and execute clever marketing and social media moves, you will gain presence, currency and relevance with actual decision makers (and- they will LIKE and RESPECT you). They will ask your advice, do as you advise and pay what you ask because they value your input and take you seriously as a coaching / training professional. AND it will have been your marketing activity that has made the difference and lead them to a positive conclusion about you and your services.

  1. DYNAMISM – How was 2016? Sitting by the phone waiting for incoming calls, checking every e mail ping and generally living on Hopium (the expensive drug that favours hope over action.)

How will 2017 be different? Will you hone your identity statement to perfection? Will you be super CLEAR about what you offer? Will you build your BRAND promise to a level where you are taken seriously? Will you know your Marketing AVATAR? Will you learn to write SUPER-COPY? Will you SEQUENCE your marketing communication to be maximally effective? Will you be ready to launch your informational attention grabbers on Social Media? Will you build a quality DATABASE with high value business contacts? Will you be networking like a HUSTLING pro? Will you master NEW SALES? Will you create a CORE MODEL that describes your offering? Will you generate enough REFERRALS to make a significant difference to your income and business growth?


Will you look back on 2017 and say, “I learnt, laughed and lead my company to profitable GROWTH. What a great year?”

Join us for this 45 minute energy boosting webinar (with 10 – 15 minutes Q&A and get your business growing in 2017)

To Register click on;

The webinar is on Tuesday, 7th February 2017 at 7PM Paris time, 6PM London time.

Thanks and see you there

Group of diverse designers in their modern officeWe are growing!


Book review: Bamboo Strong: Cultural Intelligence Secrets to Succeed in the New Global Economy by David Clive Price


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The Problem We Create By Being There – Consultants & Clients by Glen Burridge

The first problem is YOU – A cultural thought piece by our “foreign correspondent”, Glen Burridge

Junger Geschftsmann bei einer Prsentation Why are you here?

There is a barrier that lies at the heart of any consultant trying to transform an organisation, namely that you present an intercultural challenge by your very presence. Yes, you, as a consultant are the first problem the customer has to deal with when they bring in someone to help spur improvements in their organisation.

As a consultant, have you ever had the experience of sitting in a meeting room and, after all the niceties are done with, listening to the most senior person of the room start talking and realise they know next to nothing of why you’re there? Or, they think they know who you are, but the words they’re using are at complete odds with your perception with what you think you’re doing there?

What happens next can range from genuine curiosity – with an eye to why they weren’t briefed properly by their own people – to outright dismissive, even aggressive, behaviour. Experienced consultants will tell you that they’ve felt the full sweep of this spectrum at some time or other and, with a wry smile, it may conceal much more beneath. Even if the consultant is usually the most vulnerable person in the room, the sense of the threat that you may present can be palpable.

Don’t expect sympathy for your own precarious position.

It will be ultimately up to you to either dispel the drama or learn to work within it, since it centres on you and that disturbing vibration around maybe why you were brought you in – to shake things up. And that is the paymaster’s right.

The opposite situation is also worth considering. Where you are so seamlessly integrated in a situation that no-one knows you’re a consultant or they’re forgetting it rapidly. In this scenario, it’s entirely possible you may already know more than many of the people in the room. Remember, if you’re lucky enough to cope with working ‘sideways’, you may soon become the custodian of an entirely unique perspective, which could easily walk out of the organisation the moment you leave. So, this misconception may be something you’ll want to correct very quickly – it is the basis of your livelihood and code to maintain a professional detachment – but, if you’re well established and have a strong rapport with the commissioners of the work, you will be more relaxed and it makes the ‘sell’ of your work seem like another form of ‘internal project initiation’.

In business, we are working in the midst of an organism, some of whose processes are a source of positive wonder, some of which should be exemplary and obvious but have yet to evolve to cope with the role they’ve inherited, some of which is worn out or doing a function it was never designed for. The individual organs that drive this creature might have a long and distinguished history or they may be new and experimental. Some elements will be moving towards each other, others not even aware of what the other ones do. We can never make too many assumptions about who, where and when they can see what. Perhaps one of the defining qualities of an organisation is its opaqueness or transparency. The secret to good organisational consulting is to see enough of the machine working as a whole to do something meaningful at the scale you’ve been engaged at. If you’re lucky, you can build from there, once you gain the buy-in; this might be one level above or below, but in many ways the most interesting – although by far the more difficult – is if you can reach across.

The Client Side

Now consider the perspective of that manager from the client side for a moment.

You’ve just come from three meetings this morning already. You’re thinking that perhaps you won’t eat till 2pm, if you’re lucky, and you’ve learnt about two knotty problems and an uncertain one already this morning. Now, you find yourself on your way to a meeting your PA has kindly accepted for you but wish you could have avoided, with this new person that you’ve never met in your life. They’re not even on the email system. You know they’re something to do with a particular initiative that sounded a good idea a few months back and wasn’t backed by too much of the department’s budget anyway. But, frankly, the context is a little vague, because The Good Idea is not fleshed out yet and no-one’s quite sure if The Team should be setting the agenda or leaving it to the consultant to get on with Do Their Thing; they’re the ‘expert’ aren’t they? If only I had the time I’d sit down and sort this out myself, but we’ve got 30 mins and I’ll try and figure out what the hell we do. You know, these deep-field initiatives really should shape our world, but when can we show something tangible from them? Who but a consultant will want to make these kind of waves though?

Now, multiply that by the range of personalities found in a manager and you get the spectrum of meetings that can transpire.

If the organisation had all the answers to their problem, you wouldn’t have even been invited in the building.

So, we always need to consider that whatever wonderful bag of tricks, enthusiasm, wisdom and experience we think we bring into any organisational setting, we are the source of an out/in-group problem with all the attendant cultural dimensions that entails from the moment we step away from the Reception desk wearing our visitor’s badge.

Our first organisational problem we will have to fix is the one we create by simply being there.

About the Author – Glen Burridge

Earth Scientist, Consultant, Aviator and Intercultural Enthusiast, Glen is just down the road in Perth, Australia…


Unconscious Bias and the Police in the USA with Elmer Dixon

What are we Attributing AND to Whom?

This 17 Minute Facebook Live session is a kick off piece launching Elmer’s SIETAR USA session in Tulsa on 9th November, his general courses and his work with the Police.

Catch the film here;

Profile – Elmer Dixon runs Executive Diversity Services in Seattle, USA.


Independent Trainers – How to Over Deliver Your Way to Repeat Business Blog Post 11 by Matthew Hill

Study Group Discussion University Concept

When you excel at each step of the training process, you create magic and generate repeat bookings for you, the independent trainer. Continue reading

Independent Trainers – Passive Revenue Steams and Professional Credibility – Making Informational Products Blog Post 9 by Matthew Hill

The Informational Product Dream

Imagine receiving the following e mail on a rainy Thursday morning –

“Hi, I downloaded your book about XXXX last week on my Kindle and I could not put it down. Can we speak today or tomorrow as I want you to come in and train 100 of our brightest young people? And I want to arrange for your book to be the set text for that course.”

Composite image of businessman in buzzwords

It’s YOU speaking but in DIGITAL form

That is what happened earlier this year. The people he mentioned in the note were extremely bright young professionals and the book (which has over 100 mini exercises in was used before, during and after the course.) It was an extraordinary and encouraging way to experience the power of informational products and just how directly they can impact you as an independent trainer in establishing and growing your business.

Other Benefits

What else can a book or digital download or film do for you? Philip Kotler the marketing Guru talks of the ever increasing need for “touches” and encounters to promote trust before any commercial business can begin. He gives the example of driving past an advertising hording or billboard. You don’t buy the soap power on the Monday – it is the 15th time your drive by that something sticks. We need multiple exposures to material before it sinks in.

So products are 1. An Encounter Generation Machine.

  1. Credo – In the past the most expensive part of your day was talking with people who may or may not become your customers – If they don’t share your values nothing will transpire. If they have a lesser ethical standard, you will not want to work with them. If they are not bright enough to digest your material it will never work out. A product puts your stake in the ground and will attract the best and discourage the rest.
  2. Qualify in or Qualify out – The single most important use of products can be to qualify out people who do not have the money, signing power, need or time from what you have to offer. You are a premium independent training provider and they may be bargain basement. You offer value and they need a quick cheap fix. You want volume, they think small. It is easy to build the BANT test into any product – BANT is the criteria for commercial success. Your target must have the Budget, Authority to sign, Need and the Timing must be right.
  3. Speaking, Training, Coaching, Consulting & Writing – Products generate commercial opportunities all the time. When I finished my second book with my wife, she posted a picture of the cover on LinkedIn. One hour later a Germany publishing house e-mailed her to talk about commissioning a book from her and, a week later, the contract was signed. Do you begin to see the power of products?Download upload  web buttons

What are these Informational Products?

An informational product is any standalone vessel carrying your wisdom that is sold or given away in the promotion of business or the development and education of your “tribe.”

Book – An e product or paper version of your main messages (electric and wood have different uses.)

Audio – We used to call them CD’s. Downloads that play on your iPad or phone and turn your train / car / plane into a university.

Film – This is the one. Technology has just got easier (more in a minute.) Now you can make digital feature length films that really hit home. Believe me, there is a truck-load of professional credibility to be acquire by becoming a “film maker.”

Multimedia Technology

It is easier than ever to create a digital film

On-Line Course – This is the rain-maker – Well made high impact courses sold at the right price and distributed globally via modern technology can make a serious difference to your independent training business turn-over.

But isn’t it all just so technically complicated?

Not any more – When I first made podcasts in 2008 it was probably easier to send a man to the moon. Now it is about press and record, edit, add tags, captions and blurb and press to upload to your on-line shop.

In our Consultative Selling Bootcamp run in Amsterdam this summer, I had everybody write and record their first podcast – The whole exercise for the class took less than one hour!

(Do feel free to call if you wish to talk more about this exciting area of development and marketing that really can make an swift impact for the new and not so new independent trainer – +44 7540 65 9995.)

No excuses

Technology is now so clever that you don’t have to be. A £100 app will do most of the work for you whether that is screen capture software to make a DVD, word recognition software to help you start writing, or a simple podcast app to get you recording, today.


For more ideas on how establish and grow your Independent Trainer Business we invite you to join us for the Independent Trainer Consultative Selling Webinar 3 – GOING FOR GROWTH, on 5th October 2016, 6PM London time, 7PM Paris time. Register now at; 


Lisbon Historical City Panorama, Portugal

Historic Lisbon


Independent Trainer Mini Series – Social Media is the only way to grow (Globally) Blog Post 6 by Matthew Hill

Netzwerk - Social Media - Der Mensch im Zentrum

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