Brexit – What will happen today? Kindness and Laughter – Europe is Bemused, Baffled and Bewildered By the UK’s Continuing Zombie Brexit

Why do we want annoy the EU when they are our best chance of peace and growth?

An Opinion Piece by Matthew Hill

The EU governments and press laughed at the collective miss-step of UK citizens, some of whom believed that the NHS pot would be topped up to the tune of £350 million a week or that UK employment would GROW along with the economy after Brexit, or that their farm protest vote against the British Government’s DEFRA ministry was a protest vote against an EU department.


They are laughing at us

As that laughter died down, European minds would have liked to talked about our common issues, mutual interests as well as the need for defence and everybody’s prosperity. Instead they have been waiting for the Westminster farce of “politics ahead of country” to play out. They are still waiting.

The kindness of strangers

It is at this point we witness the kindness of strangers – Germany’s Federal Minister of Finance, Wolfgang Shaeuble, French President, Emmanuel Macron, Former Belgian Prime Minister, outspoken and popular EU Politician, Guy Verhofstadt, and President of the European Council, Donald Tusk – have all thrown us a lifeline and and asked us to reconsider and stay IN and do what is best for the EU and best for Britain – Reverse Brexit and Breturn. It is STILL the best deal on the table, though many will lie and say it is not.

Shocked girl eavesdropping.


If only we would listen

We are currently being held hostage the Jacob Rees Mogg’s ERG – Hard and proud Brexiteers who wish to speculate with their cash on the volatility they have created with their propaganda,  whilst working Joe Britain frets about his car job, Tesco job or lorry driving job. It is the Tory Euro sceptic bullies who started this and have threatened the ever fragile Theresa May’s job every day for the past 2 1/2 years, knowing that she will do absolutely ANYTHING to keep it. No matter that this will condemn Britain to the roughest of roads. And, it will not stop on 29th March but go on for at least 5 years with a weaker UK battling for trading rights with much bigger and stronger Continental Europe.

If this was made into a film –  Theresa May would play the Bank Manager, being forced to allow robbers to plunder her own bank to save her family who are sitting trembling in their living room, facing a masked, though strangely well dressed, man with a shotgun. Oh dear.

Strange Patriotism


You know its bad when logicless and factless ranters have to resort to jingoism and forced patriotism – The PEOPLE have spoken – Not quite –  17.4 Million good Britons did NOT vote for this. They rebelled when asked about a VARIED list of valid grievances, most of which had very little to do with the EU. That resulted in One vote on One Day for a Planless, factless, untrue myth.

How Red, White and Blue patriotic is it for a Prime Minister to be prepared to say and do anything she needs to say, just to stay in the job? How patriotic is it to pursue Brexit when she was a Remainer knowing that staying IN was the better option. How patriotic was it to bribe the DUP with £1,000,000,000 to keep herself in the job and her minority party in power, or to call an election in 2017 in order to receive a blank cheque from a divided nation to pursue her version of a bank robbery with Tory Euro-sceptics wearing the masks and holding the weapons? How patriotic was it to chase Brexit when 95% of economists agreed it will be bad for the country.


The EU cares more about Britain than do Tory Euro-sceptics. Europe wishes for us to prosper. And for the right reasons – DD – The Ex Brexit Minister, David Davis pointed out the EU to UK surplus – They bring £290 billion worth of goods and services here and we send £230 billion to them.

DD and the many Brexit Ministers who followed continued to bash into a brick wall against EU chief negotiator, Michel Barnier just long enough for the confused British public to finally start to realise that we have no power to get a better deal on Brexit?

Now with the EU court decreeing that Article 50 can be reversed tomorrow, Brexit is completely cancellable. That reversal is the UK’s best opportunity for us to survive and prosper by taking the best plan, the only plan – Staying on First Class and preferential trading terms with our biggest and nearest trading partner.

If we can swallow our colonial price, our European friends may forgive us our moment of madness on 23rd June 2016. The powerful influencers – Shaeuble, Macron, Verhofstadt, and Tusk – are still (just about) offering us a welcome and semi-dignified return to Europe on the same terms. Remember – Europe represents a QUARTER OF THE WORLD’S ECONOMY.

So, What are our Euro options in reverse order from bad to good?

4, No Deal – We collectively fall off a cliff and beg President Macron to please please be kind to us in Calais as our lorries mount up and every pork pie, bottle or brown sauce and Parker pen is inspected by 3 bored French customs officials.

3, Hard Brexit – Bringing an economic recession, a departure of critical EU labour essential to keep the wheels on the British economic bus and the prospect of relying on the kindness of the rest of the world who, obviously, are already supplied with everything they need by OTHER countries. In a decade or two we could recover, though we will have lost at least 6% of our cumulative growth potential as we scramble to catch up.

2, Soft Brexit – We take the Norway style EEA deal and pay a premium for access to the Single Market and have the freedom to control migration (we already have this BTW.) This is marginally worse than option 1. We will swap our preferential First Class Ticket for a Second Class one but only shoot ourselves in the foot, not the head! It will not satisfy the racists, the Euro sceptics, or help the stressed and economically ignored regions of the UK (they will still lose their valuable EU regional grants). It will hardly have been worth all the grief, cost and social division. Or, lastly,

  1. Breturn – Business as normal, probably with a few sweeteners and reforms that everyone wants anyway. The naughty British child is allowed to return to the party and we all promise to play nicely again. We do not have to pay the £39,000,000,000 divorce bill (just under a £2,000 per household), we keep the biggest trading block in the world on side and the Stage 3 Cancer of No Deal / Hard Brexit is zapped by rays of EU kindness at the last minute in a Brussels Hospital and goes into remission before reaching Stage 4 (There is no Stage 5!)


    Breturn to Health


Many politicians are now starting, late in the day, to seek cross party engagement to form an effective opposition to  the intransigent dictatorship of PMTM. At the same time the more engaged Brits are warming to the idea of general resistance against the damage of No Deal / Hard Brexit and its costs to the British people.

Maybe we will face a brighter, cancer free, future after all as Brits wake up and face the real prospects of the Zombie No Deal Apocalypse. Let’s see what happens today.