Going for Growth in 2019 – 2020 Remote Course

Matthew’s Going for Growth in 2019 – 2020 Modular Bundle Offering for Independent Trainers, Coaches and Mediators

What it is?

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Matthew’s Going for Growth in 2019 – 2020 Boot camp

The Going for Growth Bundle delivers an effective remote modular course for independent subject matter experts. The package includes books, coaching, an action plan and a library of materials with films too. We aim to take the independent coach, trainer or mediator from solo experienced professional with no published informational assets or independent clients and transform them into confident independent entrepreneurs owning their own bundle of knowledge based assets, a functioning and proven marketing / sales funnel, and, a supply of warm incoming business enquires supporting a profitable independent business. The Going for Growth Bundle enables them to experience a good quality of life, QOL, in which they are time-rich, financially well rewarded, whilst being independent and happy in their professional lives.

Who is the target?

Independent soft skills coaches, trainers and mediators around the world (who speak English!)

When should they use the package?

When the new coach, mediator or training subcontractor has accumulated enough work experience to be effective independently. They will have probably attempted to generate some independent business from themselves.

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Just imagine – your own clients

What is the benefit for them?

This is the ONLY complete system on the market that has a beginning, a middle, and, an end allowing the individual to actually build all that they need to generate warm, current and qualified business leads.

It is the ONLY template available that allows the independent operator to construct a viable business in 60 action days, meaning that they can plan when they will build and can confidently predict an end date and launch for themselves.

And, it is the ONLY offer that comes with live access to experts when required. This is not a “remote guru superstar” programme where the main person is separated from the learners

Going for Growth Bundle Offering – The Offer Content List

  1. Going for Growth in 2019 – 2020 – 13 Part Book with 130 coaching questions
  1. Matthew’s 5M Marketing Success Model – The Business Growth Accelerator Elements
  1. What’s Stopping You? Audit – A resource to get the independent trainer, coach or mediator beyond their Self Limiting Beliefs – SLBs
  1. Marketing Effectiveness AuditA test to see what has already been created
  1. 60-Day Business Build Action “Postcards”The Template for building a business from nothing to generating warm incoming enquiries
  1. Coaching Support – A number of live 60 to 90 minute coaching sessions helping independents to get passed their issues, blockers and problems
  1. Mastermind Group Clinics – A Remote deep dive into specific topics that the group are struggling with
  1. Event – Optional – A Bootcamp experience that brings great people together and helps them work together in learning pairs

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    The Going for Growth Bundle

More Details on the 8 Parts

  1. Going for Growth in 2019 – 2020 13 Part Book with 130 coaching questions

Outlining the concepts of the 13-Step Blueprint that EVERY successful business must follow, build and maintain to survive, grow and make money. This book will help you get your head in the game and show the scope of the work that is required. It contains gentle and reflective coaching questions at the end of each of the 13 parts to help you expand awareness of what your business requires before you start your big build.

  1. Matthew’s 5M Marketing Model – Business Growth Accelerator

MP4 Film expanding on the 5MsMeet – Your identity pitch, Message – Your published book stating your credo, essence and offer – Make – The importance of creating assets – products that transfer value – Market – A marketing sequence that generates warm enquiries for you – Mastermind Group – Joint Venturing and collaborating with complementary operators in a related field. This film aims to educate and inform you about what is required in the next phase. Punchy and to the point, you will learn more about the 5 Ms and what each element can do for you to help you create the business you want.

  1. What’s Stopping You? Audit

This book represents an invaluable tool to help you complete your journey. From identifying the thoughts that are blocking you to overcoming and getting over your doubt and fears, to leap forward toward action, product creation, funnel design and profitable independence. Some say that this is the most freeing part of the whole programme.

  1. Marketing Effectiveness Audit

Your Marketing Asset Checklist

You will be surprised at how much of the list you have already started, created or have “somewhere”. You can build upon this and finish quickly once you understand the whole picture, what your assets do and what is required to complete your business build.

  1. 60-Day Business Build Action “Postcards”

The aim here is to guide you through your build in the LEAST POSSIBLE TIME AND NUMBER OF STEPS

We set you up ready to;

  1. a) Plan your next months with a paper calendar placed somewhere visible, such as on your fridge, with 60 highlighted action days.
  2. b) Schedule your power postcard workdays on your fridge calendar. One a day, 3 a week or what ever will fit with your work schedule, family life, travel plans, etc.
  3. c) Get your partner and child to “bully” you into keeping discipline, preparing to do the work and staying on track to complete your active build to completion.

    Calendar and to do lists hanging on refrigerator

    60 Day Business Build Calendar on your fridge

Where does this fit in? You will have expanded your marketing mind in the first section (Going for Growth etc.) and will be broadly aware of what you need to do, who you are, etc. The 60 – Day Business Build is the time to commit and hold firm to a practical and powerful SCHEDULE, working in a focused and professional way to build up your marketing and informational assets.

Every week you will receive a specific set of task instructions that will take you from, “I don’t have a clear idea of what to do” to, “Wow, I have just built a business in just over two months.”

**See below for the actual 60 days action topics list**

  1. Coaching Support

You will probably run into some blockers or technical issues around Sequencing, Identity & Brand, Offering or Target Audience. Most people do.

At this critical phase, you will receive the support you need with 2 coaching calls to move you passed any blockages, obstructions or issues. Just schedule a Gotomeeting session and an expert will help you through.

  1. Mastermind Group Clinics

The topics to be discussed will by chosen by YOU – The Mastermind Group Members – 3 to 7 people in each cohort.

These interactive, educational deep dives aim to explore specific subject areas in greater detail, lay out the actions required with clarity and pragmatic simplicity to get the group beyond any mental or technical issues that they are experiencing.

  1. Bonus Event

The ITC Going for Growth Business Bootcamp April 2020, An intensive session (IN ENGLISH) to complete and accelerate your build, start your marketing sequence and fill in any gaps that you have. We will make products, hone your brand and take you from 90% of the way there to all the way there. BTW – We fit the exact date of the course to suit the majority of the cohort! – In this way the get together has the most attendees and generates the most productive of outcomes for you.

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You will choose the 2020 venue and dates!


We think we have thought of everything that the knowledge worker and expert needs to successfully build an independent business to completion and to generate a valuable in-flow of warm corporate business enquires.


If you wish to have a personal one-to-one conversation with Matthew to discuss your business and what needs to happen, simply E Mail to matthew.hill@hillnetworks.com to set up a brief call or call +44 7540 65 9995 and leave your details.

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***60-Day Business Build***

1 Starting Off Marketing Audit – What have you achieved so far in your marketing? This will be captured in a form ready to blow you away in just over 2 months time when you see how far you have progressed

2 Identity Exercises – leading to your perfect introduction at any networking event

3 Deciding on your first post article. (“Trapped in a lift”)

4 Writing a skeleton outline for your first post so that it works with your target audience and hits the spot

5 Writing your first post, editing it and launching it

6 Thinking of a great business name

7 Registering your name and getting a domain sorted out

8 Setting up your Blog Site

9 Social Media expansion – making sure you are on both LinkedIn and Facebook and then inviting a minimum of 20 people that you know to each site

10 Capturing Contact names for your Database – using your E Mail list, downloading your LinkedIn connections and processing your business cards

11 Starting to Segment your Database into Colds, Warms and Hots

12 Building a basic Strategy for marketing to your Colds, Warms and Hots

13 Thinking up a Second topic to write a post about – brainstorming – web search, reading a book

14 Logo design – specification, set up, look and feel

15 Picking a newsletter format

16 Setting up a MailChimp account if you have less than 500 contacts to mail out to

17 Gather your customer list / “Deal sheet” and converting it into logo’s on A4 paper

18 Watching T Harv Ekker’s HBO show on gaining a Millionaire Mindset – Do this with your family and discuss your feeling afterwards

19 Setting up to Interview someone worthy and in your field – Thinking of 5 – 10 questions to ask your target person, sending them the questions, scheduling the time, buying all the necessary equipment on Amazon.

19B Doing the interview, editing the recording and making the product

20 Sharing LinkedIn articles and Facebook articles on Groups and the main wall

21 Optimising your LinkedIn profile with Key Word Density, KWD, posts, videos, testimonials etc.

22 Recording your best article with a smart phone or laptop to create an audio product and getting it ready for sale

23 Brainstorming 25 Benefits of your Service, editing them down to 10 and turning this powerful list into an article, MP3 recording or an MP4 film.

24 Writing your professional profile – Linked to 2, this profile can go on your blogsite, website and accompany your proposals

25 Getting a Professional photographic portrait done

26 Thinking up 30 Things you can INVITE people to in order to warm up your relationships

27 Developing a List of your successes, your unique qualities and your positive business values

28 Building an asset that demonstrates your style and worth with customers and offering it for free

29 Getting together a Menu of what you offer and making it amazing

30 Building 3 core offering outlines in plenty of detail

31 Turning a PowerPoint deck into an On – Line demonstration

32 Going Networking and holding 5 quality conversations.

32 B Inviting one of those you talked to for something further

33 Thinking of and planning 2 more posts to write and construct outlines for

34 Writing down a list of your best training / coaching / project management exercises in one place

35 Constructing a simple 3/4/5 element Model for the unique work you do that reflects your personal style and your unique values

36 Writing down a number of Sales objections you may encounter at any meeting or networking event and constructing robust and high-energy responses

37 Listing your post articles on Ezine directories

38 Designing, building and sending out a simple 7 question survey to your Warms

39 Recording a couple of short audio pieces and registering them with a podcast directory

40 Interacting meaningfully with 3 Facebook groups in your professional area by commenting, sharing or posting original material

41 Reviewing your Hots list to see if there is anyone you can hook up with to start a business venture with for mutual gain

42 Joining an organisation in your field and volunteering to help them run their next event

43 Starting to write copy for your web pages – your profile, your offering, articles, a case study etc.

44 Deciding what Small item you are going to sell? An Audio product? A white paper or a film?

45 Writing an Invitation using Supercopy – Reading the “Turning Words Into Action” Book

46 Searching to find a number of excellent YouTube video clips that illustrate your business service offering and compiling them into a list with links

47 Brainstorming 120 top tips in your main area. Editing that down to 89 and expanding the sentences into short paragraphs (This can be turned into a top tips BOOK a bit later.)

48 Getting New business cards made that have your logo and, maybe an offer too

49 Tagging all your web photos and articles with the same key words to help SEO and your Social Media rankings

50 Thinking of 10 ways to help 10 Warms with their business – Here you are giving in order to receive later

51 Inviting 3 Hots out for coffee or drinks

52 Reading up on what a Funnel really is and designing your material to act as a Funnel for your business

53 Offering a Free demonstration as a prize to your Warms via your newsletter

54 Offering a 15 – minute coaching session in your next newsletter

55 Building a Digital brochure for your services

56 Buying Camtasia or Screenflow software and starting to convert your PPT decks into MP4 Films

57 Designing a webinar – MindMapping the content, building the deck, selecting the audience exercises and marketing the event to fill seats

58 Asking for Testimonials, endorsements and comments and capturing them on your website

59 Tweaking 5 elements of your funnel, blog site and strategy to get better conversion rates

60 Reviewing your values and supercharging your offering to ensure that it fits with your purpose and your intention

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Independence and income – that is the goal