Trainer Resources Film Clips – Cultural Resilience Film Clips

Outer Confidence – Inner Resilience

Here are some reflective films that may help in your relocation classes to uncover the inner resources necessary for building resilience when moving country. They can be used for contrast, support and to promote discussion of deeper values and feelings.

1. Reel Youth Film Festival screening on Cortes Island (2013)!

Words  – Mary Oliver

2. Richard Bandler

Determined to focus on the useful and good stuff

3. Dodgeball 5 D’s

A funny look at what NOT to do to build resilience – Great for teenagers moving country.

4. Sylvia Gearing

The 3 C’s attitudes of psychological resilience – Commitment to purpose / greater purpose / Control of emotions and the central place – anchored in the moment – Change and Challenge – good for conflict and engagement discussions in the classroom.

We hope you found these of use. Please like and please share. Thanks and see you next time.


Non Violent Communication with Jackie van der Kroft

Film highlights from Jackie’s webinar for the Intercultural Training Channel exploring what NVC is, How Marshall Rosenburg came about is concepts, what the viewers think it contains and tackling some of the ideas around the giraffe and the jackal.