Some SIETAR Europa Congress 2019 Leuven Highlights To Look Out For…

2019 – A strong and promising programme – Make sure you get to see these…

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***Professor Milton J. Bennett and David Trickey – Launch their new tool for measuring the intercultural viability of organisations

***Seyda Kutsal Buurman – Brown Eyes, Blue Eyes – The Anatomy of Prejudice

***Natasha Aruliah, Monika de Waal, Henning Zorn (a.k.a. Leonard Cohen!)

***Alan Richer – Diversity and Inclusion – The impact of diversity on ethical decision making

***Sue Shinomiya – Ikigal – Something to practice to set you on the path to positivity and hope

***Brett Parry, Anna Xia – Aligning the right assessments – Identifying and leveraging client nuances for 1st class training outcomes

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